Cwarmê Carnival in Malmedy

  • Folklore and Tradition
Event planned for the month of February 2018
Dates and programme may be subject to change
The Cwarmê is a carnival that translates into 4 days of public joy. Come and celebrate the 558th edition in Malmedy from 06 to 09 February 2016!
This Cwarmê is listed as an Immaterial Heritage of the Wallonia-Brussels community and takes place as follows:
While the four Thursdays preceding Shrove Tuesday see several balls and parades, it's Shrove Saturday that signals the start of the Cwarmê carnival.
The "Grosse Police" parade announces the start of the festivities and the mayor presents the "Trouv'lê" with a seed scoop, which signifies that he has the keys to the town until the Tuesday evening.
Shrove Sunday "Dimanche Gras" is well known for its large parade and the dance of the "Haguètes", (the principal characters of the Carnival).

On Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras) the "Mâssis Toûr" takes place: a walk for all the carnival societies.
The burning of the Haguète at the end of the day marks the end of the Cwarmê and, therefore, of the winter. There are parties and dances in all the bars of the town during the four carnival days.

Practical information

Saturday of the Cwarmê
At different locations in the city: announcement of the start of the festivities by the 'Grosse Police' and a big folkloric parade.
Sunday of the Cwarmê
Dance of the Haguète " - Mesnie do l'HaguèteBIG CARNIVAL PARADE with numerous associations and the famous traditional masks.After the parade - Big " BÂNE COURANTE " - street carnival
Monday of the Cwarmê
"Roleplaying day": Satirical shows on moving stages, actors' parade.
Mardi Gras
Parade of the associations. Burning of the Haguète in the evening.


Event planned for the month of February 2018
Dates and programme may be subject to change
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