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    In 2017 the Belgian Tourist Office – Brussels & Wallonia becomes the Belgian Tourist Office - Wallonia, focusing solely on the promotion of Wallonia, in Southern Belgium. The mainly French-speaking region of Wallonia is one of the most unspoilt areas of Belgium. With its breath-taking landscapes, picturesque cities and towns, fascinating heritage, wonderful chateaux and gardens, colourful year-round festivals and carnivals, first-rate spa centres and golf courses, exhilarating family and outdoor activities, and easily accessible from the UK - by Eurostar, plane, and under 2 hours’ drive from Calais- it is the perfect destination for short breaks or long weekends away.
  • Cycling in East Belgium

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    I have been cycling since I was a child and have been a passionate and close follower of how cycling has developed as a sport in general, but especially in East Belgium. Its technical development has been literally breathtaking - from a simple fixed-wheel bike followed by a 3-gear model, I was given my first 10-gear road bike in my teens. This gave me a great deal of freedom, as I could now access the whole of south-east Belgium. Then mountain bikes came onto the scene and technology improved by leaps and bounds. Trips into the countryside offered a completely new riding experience and I waited impatiently for the next evolutionary stage. Those technology developments in mountain bikes and modern road bikes can now be seen in every type of bike. It’s simply amazing!
  • Wallonia, your Golf Destination

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    Close to 40 golf courses in Wallonia welcome fans of the little white ball. The courses vary in type, with some designed by famous architects! The fairways cross the Walloon landscape through woodlands and by lakesides as they lead you to Brussels. They offer challenges along the way, to both experienced players and beginners. For weekends or during the week, for a relaxing day or a business trip, there are packages that will satisfy all your golfi ng needs. Discover on our website a series of packages for golf breaks in Wallonia created by partners of the Belgian Tourist Offi ce for Brussels and Wallonia (WBT asbl). Whether you’re staying in a city centre hotel, a guest house or a family holiday home in the countryside, there’s always a golf course, if not several, to explore within a radius of 30 to 50km! We await you at our beautiful greens, so come and recharge your batteries and enjoy a delicious meal in a pleasant, friendly setting! In Wallonia, expect the unexpected! It’s only a swing away!
  • Belgian Heroes

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    The Cockpit of Europe’ is how Belgium has often been described - the stage upon which other competing nations have come to fight out their differences. A crossroads and trading hub falling between power blocks, Belgium has been the scene of countless colossal clashes - Ramillies, Oudenarde, Jemappes, Waterloo, Ypres, to name but a few. Ruled successively by the Romans, Franks, French, Holy Roman Empire, Burgundians, Spanish, Austrians and Dutch, the idea of an independent Belgium nation only floated into view in the 18th century.
  • Famous belgians

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    When a Belgian arrives in the UK for the first time, he or she does not necessarily expect the usual reaction of the British when they realise they are dealing with a Belgian: “You’re Belgian? Really?... Ha! Can you name more than five famous Belgians?.” When we then start enthusiastically listing some of our favourite national icons, we are again surprised by the disbelieving looks on the faces of our new British friends.... and we usually end up being invited to the next game of Trivial Pursuit they play with their friends and relatives!
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    45 trails to discover!
  • Wallonia

    Welcome to our new Guide, This brand-new edition features Wallonia’s top attractions and museums and offers all the practical information and tips you need to make your excursions a success!