The Belgian Ardennes

If you suffer from wanderlust, the Ardennes will seduce you.

The historic and unspoilt region of the Ardennes in the south of Wallonia is the "green lung" of Belgium.

Its woods, forests, nature reserves and rivers are perfect for lovers of ecology, nature, fauna and flora.

The rolling hills and surprising wilderness areas are also rich in memories. Everywhere you go you come across traces of the two World Wars, notably the battle of the Ardennes - the final confrontation of the Second World War to be fought on Belgian territory. There are numerous memorials, cemeteries and museums dedicated to the combatants of the two historic conflicts in towns such as Bastogne, La Roche, Sankt-Vith, Malmedy, Bure and Hotton.

Easy to access, welcoming and warm, natural and inexpensive, the Ardennes region is rewarding at any time of the year. Whether you want peace and quiet, stress-relief or prefer sporting activities, make the Ardennes your destination in Wallonia.