A historic and natural region, the Ardennes are located in the South of Belgium, more specifically, the south of Wallonia.

They form Belgium's “green lung”. You often hear the term Ardennes for the whole of Wallonia, especially when Wallonia’s natural heritage or ecological capital is mentioned.

Its woods, forests, nature reserves and rivers form privileged locations for those who love ecology, natural, fauna and flora. It is really astounding that nature is so dense on such a small surface and that there is such a great variety of “sports-nature” activities.

The Ardennes are also a key region for historical and remembrance tourism in Wallonia. You will find many traces of the First World War and the Battle of the Bulge, which was the final confrontation of the Second World War to take place on Belgian soil.

A great number of commemorative memorials, cemetaries and museums dedicated to the two World Wars can be visited in towns such as Bastogne, La Roche, Sankt-Vith, Arlon and Neufchâteau.

Easily accessible, warm and welcoming, natural and inexpensive, you could visit more than just once a year! So if you like peace and quiet, if you want to forget all about your daily stress or if you long for sports, then you should definitely come to the Ardennes!

Discover the Ardennes!